Created in the spirit of Station North Arts & Entertainment District’s unique fluidity across artistic, cultural and organizational boundaries, the First Fridays' events is a bimonthly collaborative Arts initiative between local artists and AsanaRoots

What is First Fridays and who runs it?


First of all, let’s talk about the First Fridays Art Walk. First Fridays happens every first Friday of the month, where the community walks the streets and through the galleries and museums in search of the new Baltimore shows and exhibitions. New and experienced artists alike are featured at various businesses, mostly focused in the downtown area, and everyone has a chance to mingle and chat.
First Fridays, contrary to popular belief, is not headed by one person, organization, or business. It’s a loosey-goosey affair in the best way possible: every business can host its own First Fridays (or non-First Fridays!) show if it wants to. There are quite a few businesses who regularly invite artists to show in their space. Sometimes it can be for a whole month or more, and sometimes it’s just for First Fridays. It really depends on the business or organization.
AsanaRoots itself is not the “owner” or “ruler” of First Fridays; we just like to promote First Fridays as much as we can, and we wholeheartedly support it. For this reason, we donate our space every First Friday of the month to support Baltimore local artists by hosting an exhibition or Art Show.

Getting a Show
If you are interested in having your work shown at AsanaRoots, all you gotta do is ask! Victoria Shanken is our Arts Coordinator and would be the one assisting you throughout the process of booking your event, set up and break down. You may fill out the form below to submit a proposal.

If you are just starting out, it is probably not necessary to do the whole kit and kaboodle with printed fliers and show cards. Of course, feel free to do whatever you think is necessary if this is important to you! But this can get expensive, and really, if you are just starting out, most of your budget should go towards your art – be it canvas, paint, film, etc. Word from the wise here, but a well-dispersed Facebook event does wonders in an age of digital and electronic media. Plus, it saves a tree! Make your event page about two weeks prior to the event, and spread the word through invite and word of mouth.

Don’t procrastinate! Get it done! Talk with our Arts Coordinator about hanging, lighting, labels, etc. Try to think of everything, and always be prompt and respectful to AsanaRoots regular class schedule. Be ready to arrive at least an hour early (depending on your work) if you can to install your pieces and prep. Oftentimes, you will be expected to provide food and refreshment, but if you are arting on a budget, don’t feel pressured to spend too much on fancy food or drinks. We can also recommend you sponsors that could potentially serve food or drinks. We have previously partnered with Wild Kombucha. However what is important here is not the hors d’oeuvres, but your art and you.

Hosting Your Show at AsanaRoots
Generally, you can expect to host a First Friday from 7-9pm. Reserve the entirety of this time to be at your show to greet and talk with guests. Treat your show as professionally as possible. It is highly encouraged to be present so people can get to know you, your process, and your style. Putting a face to a name to a piece of art is crucial!

If your show is running through the month, then just make sure you have made arrangements for your uninstall date. If your show is just open for First Friday, talk with Victoria beforehand to see how and when you would like to uninstall. Try to make the uninstall as efficient and easy as possible. After the First Friday reception, stay around after to help clean up. Always be courteous of AsanaRoots’ time and space!

We hope you found this guide helpful, and if you have any questions, email Victoria at


Every two months we turn AsanaRoots into an Art Gallery.
We invite Baltimore local artists to exhibit and promote their work in our space.

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